1910 - 1947



The Bertorelli story begins in La Pieve Di Gravago Bardi, a small village in Northern Italy.  This was the hometown of the Bertorellis.  At the turn of the century, Benjamin Bertorelli who was originally apprenticed as a cabinet maker decided to come to England in search of a better life and settled in Holborn in London for a while.

Whilst in Holborn, he met his future wife, Rosamonda Cura (Rosie) whose parents already had an ice-cream business in London and they had the distinction of making the ice-cream for Queen Victoria's Jubilee Banquet. They married in 1910 and soon after this they came to Newbiggin in the same year.

Benjamin  manufactured the family’s own recipe of  ice cream in Newbiggin  and  Bertorelli's ice cream was  sold from hand carts and horse drawn carts on Newbiggin beach and around the town itself.